Germeii, created by young Parisian designer Shamim in 2010, is launching its brand in the concept store Colette in the very heart of Paris.

Works of Shamim are an intimate novel of passionate reinventing the historical architecture into the art of fashion. He easily enters the luxury market by creating unique pieces for clients who truly reflect his own philosophy.

Catering towards the modern demand of sophisticated style, Germeii patterns combine luxury fabrics with simplistic and geometric design.

Germeii has already gained recognition among top celebrities like supermodel Cara Delevigne, who was spotted at Ultra Music Festival (2014) in Miami wearing the Germeii Cap, and Rihanna, who featured her “RIRI” sweatshirt on her Instagram account during her “Diamond World Tour.”

The designer’s backpack is an ultimate creation of refined textures. Manufactured from calf or crocodile leather accentuated with customized steel details such as cables and zippers, the backpack becomes a complex expression of contrasting elements.

Integrating the stingray pattern on the 48th bag makes it an exclusive treasure.

Black leather gloves (fingerless gloves) with crocodile skin flanges play between an elegant and rock vibe- an incredible visual effect of being in the skin of a reptile.

The addition of extravagant features to basic models brought him to create the edgy cap. An ideal cut with gold plated 22 carat buckle, the cap creates a remarkable statement piece. Wearing the Germeii cap with a cocktail dress or tie is the epitome of being modern and staying classy.

The collection also includes tees and sweatshirts with iconic minimalistic prints of Tutankhamom, the Eiffel Tower, a tiger, etc. in a graphic style using simple lines.

Don’t expect this to be the last you hear about Germeii, Shamim is preparing on a new collection of inspired designs that continue to add an outrageous vibe to the classics.